We were up early as usual…packed the car…and set out for Donkey Beach which had been recommended to us by a local fellow who sat beside Dwight on the flight to Kauai.  It took some navigating but we did find it…it was a hike down to the beach but it was well worth the effort.  Again, nobody on the beach and it was absolutely magnificent.  Jerry and I walked the whole cove and it was amazing.  We actually saw monk seal up on the shore…a smaller monk seal coming up for a rest!  Apparently they are getting rarer and rarer and there are only about 1,000 of them left!  We kept our distance and allowed him/her to relax in the sun and enjoy the beach like us.  Lots of waves again and this time Joanne got knocked down with a strong wave…she ended up twisting her knee and by the time we arrived back at the resort, she could barely walk!  We iced it and the rest of us waited on her!!!  Spent another quiet evening at home watching the Texas New York baseball series.  They were happy New York lost!!!!

We are a little disgusted with the internet access here.  No wifi and we have to pay $10 for every connection per day…hence I will not be posting every day but trying to cover two days with each day connection!  We did skype both of our kids and they saw their dad for the first time without a moustache…too funny…not often we hear Tamara react the way she did…too funny…and Matt couldn’t stop grinning…it was priceless!!  We got to see our Chela Bela and Joanne had the opportunity to check out Benny’s braces on his teeth.  We got to message with Tash in BC and she indicated there were two little men who were missing their grandparents!  Hoping Joanne’s knee heals…lots of ice, rest and no walking for a couple of days!!!