Well, it looks like we are in the last couple of days of our vacation at Kauai.  The time has slipped by so quickly and it is hard to imagine that in a couple of days we will be back in cold Saskatchewan.  The last couple of days have been spent relaxing, reading and enjoying the sun and waves.  All of us have read at least two books and have loved having no time pressures at all.  Yesteday afternoon Joanne and I spent the afternoon at the pool enjoying the sun and the breeze from the water while reading our books to our heart’s content.  Jerry and Dwight did the shopping for people back home and prepared our evening meal for us…barbacued chicken and potatoes and vegetables…it was awesome…probably because Joanne and I didn’t have to prepare it.  Today we are heading to Poipu Beach and then to Hanapepe where we have made reservations for dinner tonight at a unique little restaurant.  Hanapepe is a unique little artsy town with quite a history and many of the stores date back to when the town was established and has now been turned into quite an artsy place where you can see anything from pottery to photography to woodturning to old books!  A great little place to saunter through and enjoy all the unique local artists.

Tomorrow evening we start our journey back to Saskatoon…long stopovers at numerous airports but will have good books along to read.  Our flight from Kauai is a “red eye” flight so hopefully will get some sleep along the way.  Have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.  We were talking about what would be our ideal vacation and I said doing exactly what we are doing.  It has been absolutely relaxing and amazing!  We have enjoyed every minute and will continue to until we get on the airplane to head home.  Aloha!