The War Room by Warren Kinsella Thursday, Jan 3 2008 

I finished this book tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it…especially the last 3 chapters.  I loved the chapter on “Get the Handle Scandal Manual!”  He wrote alot about sponsorships and the whole Gomery Inquiry.  I love his partisanship and his “shoot from the hip” style of writing.  You don’t have to guess where he stands on any issue.  Very refreshing!  I also enjoyed the chapter on “Get Modern!”.  This is all about the internet including blogging.  He includes Ten Reasons Why Internet Bloggy Stuff is Pretty Important and the one I appreciated the most was

“They’re (Bloggers) Proudly Biased!  Fair’s Fair:  I don’t think the traditional news media are wrong, necessarily to aspire to journalistic objectivity.  I just think—like most citizens—that the media are laughable when they actually believe it.  To put a fine point on it, ‘journalistic objectivity’ is more than an oxymoron.  It’s unadulterated bullshit…Suggesting that media objetivity is possible is more than wrong—it insults peoples’  intelligence.  And it’s yet another reason why blogs have become so popular in such a short time.”

He finished his book with “Get Fighting”…a great ending.  In reading this book I felt his passion and belief in what he was saying.  Some great insights written with “spit and fire”.  Great read!  Thanks to Jordon and Wendy for this great Christmas gift.


Prayer of Jabez Wednesday, Jan 8 2003 

Can you believe the behaviour of one Jordon Cooper who would throw a copy of Prayer of Jabez out his car window and then try to say it was Kelly’s copy. Even if it was Kelly’s copy, Jordon needs to acknowledge the many lives that have been changed by this book and how it has expanded their borders. Come on Jordon, get with the program!!!

If you have checked out the picture of Matt and Jes, just wanted you to know that Matt is our son, and Jes, is his wonderful wife. They love the outdoors and just completed a Wilderness Guide Course at Yamnuska. They did wonderful things like mountain climbing; rock climbing; ice falls climbing; hiking; avalanche rescue; glacier rescue; wilderness first aid; etc. They are now living in Canmore, Alberta, making money to live. We are heading to see them this weekend. We will be together as a family before our daughter, Tamara, heads off for Thailand and Taiwan on Monday afternoon. We have great fun with our kids. They are the best!

My good “old” friend Dennis called me yesterday from Calgary to wish me “Happy New Year”. Dennis once-upon-a-time worked at Lakeview. His office was right across the hallway from mine and it was my job to keep him “entirely sanctified”. Only Methodists will know what I am talking about!!! It was great to hear from him. His encouragement keeps me on track. I need all the help I can get at my age.

This and that Friday, Jan 3 2003 

The weather is something else today. Drove Tamara to work and very bad fog and icy roads. Cars in the ditches along the way.

This weekend Dave Ashton from Rocky Mountain Bible College is teaching a class on Wesleyan Theology. Full days Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Long days! We will be finished by 11:00 am on Sunday morning.

Was able to finish reading the book “Abraham” A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Has given me lots of food for thought. Written well and easy to read. Great gift from Tom for Christmas. Also did a quick re-read of “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Reading Sunday, Dec 29 2002 

It has been a snowy, lazy Sunday. Had a chance to read one of my Christmas books. Tom gave me the book entitled “Abraham” – A journey to the Heart of Three Faiths written by Bruce Feiler, New York Times Bestselling Author of Walking the Bible.

“At a moment when the world is asking ‘Can the religions get along?’ Abraham stands as the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians and Muslims. He holds the key to our deepest fears — and our possible reconciliation.”

It has been a very interesting read so far. Am looking forward to a continued good read.

Christmas Season is over. It was wonderful while it lasted. Christmas Eve came with a surprise visit by Santa. Made for some great excitement in the Reimer household. Christmas Day was great as we spent the day with some pretty special people in our lives, Jordon, Wendy and Mark Cooper. Great time of exchanging gifts and good conversation over some great coffee!! You never want for conversation with Jordon and Wendy around. Darren, Sherryl Friesen and their three children joined us for our Christmas meal. It was a wonderful day all-round. I drank a little too much coffee and ended up cleaning the house until about 3:00 am. At least I had nothing to do the next day.

Spent Friday, December 27th, in Prince Albert visiting my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. Tom, Tamara and Berke Buchko came as well. Berke connected with Brooke and Kelly. Great day! We had given my brother-in-law the book “Young Evangelicals” by Robert Webber. We had some great conversation regarding it. Lorne is a Traditionalist/Pragmatist which made the conversation very lively. Lorne has influenced many people with the giftedness he has in teaching the Scriptures. He is a great guy – even if I don’t always agree with him.

Brooke and Kelly Graham are coming over for the whole day tomorrow. Am looking forward to hearing all their experiences over the past three months while in the Dominican Republic.