Update Friday, Jun 8 2007 

Life is going along with a few bumps and grinds. As I was pulling weeds at the church today I was thinking about how weeds are like sin in our life. If we ignore them they grow big and take over the good stuff in our lives. But if we pull them out by the root when they are small and if we do this consistently, the good shrubs and growth around us grows with vigor and with health. As we liken this to our lives we need to keep short accounts of the junk in our lives and make sure we get to the root of it so it won’t grow again. If we just cut off the top the root grows again and we have to deal with it all over again. My lesson today from pulling weeds by the roots. I also keep thinking and singing about “This is my Father’s World” and we have a responsibility to keep it in good health and to keep it healthy and green. Just some of my thoughts from today.


Updates Thursday, Nov 2 2006 

This has been quite a day. I conducted the funeral of a 2 1/2 month baby girl, Rogan, and then this afternoon we went to the airport to meet our dear friends, Bart and Kim Gilbert, as they arrived from Haiti with their new 1 1/2 year old daughter Katiana. What an emotion day!

The service was good and Chris and Megan are just an amazing young couple. They were so open with their grief and love for their little baby daughter. I was so glad the sun was shining and the sky was blue at the cemetery. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to let your little baby go. Only God’s strength and grace can give you what you need at a time like that.

I am so excited for Kim and Bart. They have waited so long to be parents and it was so neat to be at the airport with others from our staff. I was thinking today of Kim’s mom, Donella, who was watching from Heaven. Katiana is named after her grandmother, Katiana Donella Gilbert, that is so awesome. She is so little and so cute…a whole new journey for the Gilbert family begins. God is good! All the time!

Breakforth Thursday, Jan 30 2003 

We are heading out to Edmonto tomorrow for the BreakForth conference. Should be a great time. We are going to be staying with my niece Christa. She is getting baptized on Sunday, February 9th. It is so exciting to watch her mature in her walk with Christ.

It is Darren Friesen‘s 36th birthday today. We celebrated it at coffee break. Cathy made an awesome chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Some good laughs were had. I work with some great people!

I surprised some of the staff this morning as I actually played the piano for them. It was my turn to lead staff prayer so I talked about the hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” and then we all stood around the piano and sang all four verses of the hymn. Great experience!

2003 Monday, Jan 6 2003 

Well the holidays are over and back to the real grind. Went to “work out” tonight for the first time in about three weeks. The old body was a little slow, but I am sure will cooperate more the next time I go.

Great couple of days in class with Prof Dave Ashton looking at Wesleyan Theology. Great look at Church History and some of the early Church Fathers. Looked at the culture John Wesley’s day and what England looked like in those days. We looked extensively at the difference between the Eastern and Western Early Church Fathers.We also sang some Wesley hymns one being “O for a thousand tongues to sing” all 14 verses of it. I didn’t sing, I just read the words!!!! John Wesley’s theology was one of optimism. Love is at the center. What you love controls you. Failure to love is the center of sin. 7 deadly sins all misdirected love. I have two books to read and do papers on. The first is John Wesley edited by Albert C. Outler. The second is Responsible GraceJohn Wesley’s Practical Theology, by Randy L. Maddox. Once I have finished these, I am sure I will be able to “wax eloquent”. If you want to discuss more, I would love to over a cup of coffee.

Busy week ahead of us as Tamara gets ready to head over the ocean to Thailand and then Taiwan. We will be connecting with Matt and Jesika, our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Canmore, for the weekend, and then drop Tamara off at the Calgary airport on Monday afternoon. Our home will be very quiet after she leaves. She is heading off to visit Thailand and then work in Taiwan teaching English. It looks like Jerry and I will have to take a trip to Taiwan.

This and that Friday, Jan 3 2003 

The weather is something else today. Drove Tamara to work and very bad fog and icy roads. Cars in the ditches along the way.

This weekend Dave Ashton from Rocky Mountain Bible College is teaching a class on Wesleyan Theology. Full days Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Long days! We will be finished by 11:00 am on Sunday morning.

Was able to finish reading the book “Abraham” A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Has given me lots of food for thought. Written well and easy to read. Great gift from Tom for Christmas. Also did a quick re-read of “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend.