We’re back… Monday, Mar 26 2007 

The week at Elkhorn Resort was absolutely amazing! We had a week of relaxing with no schedule, just responding to the day and what it would bring. We had our amazing friends Mark and Marilyn Jacobson with us for four days! What a privilege to spend uninterrupted time with them having great conversations, great laughs, watching movies, eating, walking in the cold wind, sleeping late, eating wonderful snacks, reading books, and just hanging out with friends with whom you are totally comfortable! What a great time!

Still processing and working through much of the learning from my “Walking on Holy Ground” session…still embracing the slow work of God and gradual change that the Holy Spirit brings into my life. Reading on Sacred Space today and the words that stood out to me were when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and spoke to her she was “perplexed…and pondered”. Mary didn’t get it right away either, she was perplexed and needed time to ponder what was happening. I too am somewhat perplexed with what is going on inside of me, but it is okay to take time to ponder and not to rush to conclusions or make rash decisions immediately. There is a sense of peace that goes along with not being rushed. God is not busy and rushed and urgent…He speaks in a still small voice and the only way I hear it is when I am still and pondering! Good words for me today!


Brooke, Kelly and Molly… Saturday, Feb 17 2007 

Jerry and I spent part of today with the Graham family.  Jerry helped Kelly put up some gyproc in the basement; and Brooke and I spent the good part of the afternoon just talking about life.  That is the awesome part about friendship, you can just relax and be who you are and talk about the issues you are dealing with in life, and as you share your thoughts/experiences you find out that you are learning many of the same lessons; but the best part is that you each learn them in a different way; and as you share you relearn them, but from a totally different perspective.  Brooke and I go back a long way, and her greatest gift to me is how she sees and experiences life in pictures.  I learn through words and ideas, but today as we talked about being alone and solitude, she told me about her experience with imagination and pictures, and I just marveled at how creatively she gave me a picture of how we can recognize who we are in our innermost being.  It was amazing!

Molly is something else!  Her favorite book is about all the Prime Ministers of Canada, and as she goes through that book, she can tell you the name of every Prime Minister of Canada up to Stephen Harper, who is not in the book yet!   Molly was also playing with playdough, and has a tendency to eat it, if she can get away with it.  Brooke told her that if she ate any more playdough, mommy would take the playdough away.  Naturally, Molly put playdough in her mouth, and Brooke put the playdough away.  Molly was not too  happy, but Brooke asked her, “Molly, who made the decision here, Molly or mommy?”  Molly promptly answered “Molly”.   “Yes, you are right”, Brooke replied.  Funny or what!!!

Great day with friends!

Jordon Cooper…friend or foe Tuesday, Feb 6 2007 

Jordon has been so kind as to retrieve all my lost blogs. Now from his perspective, the loss of these blogs was of little consequence, as from some of his comments he has intimated that there is not much searchable material in those blogs…Jordon does know how to hurt my feeling…but I am just going to forgive him anyway…that is the “christian” thing to do, isn’t it…turn the other cheek…do good to those who despitefully use you…

Pictures of Darren’s Birthday Party Tuesday, Jan 23 2007 

If you are interested in seeing some pictures of the party, go to www.jordoncooper.com Wendy was busy with her camera that evening!

Darren Friesen’s 40th Birthday Tuesday, Jan 23 2007 

Saturday evening was an amazing evening with our friend Darren’s 40th birthday. I always enjoy having groups of people over and we must have had close to 30 adults. It was a “surprise” so it was fun waiting for him to arrive. The hit of the evening was the “chocolate” fountain brought by Nancy Yee and all the other wonderful appetizers and desserts brought by friends. It was a great evening and enjoyed by all.

Breakforth Thursday, Jan 30 2003 

We are heading out to Edmonto tomorrow for the BreakForth conference. Should be a great time. We are going to be staying with my niece Christa. She is getting baptized on Sunday, February 9th. It is so exciting to watch her mature in her walk with Christ.

It is Darren Friesen‘s 36th birthday today. We celebrated it at coffee break. Cathy made an awesome chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Some good laughs were had. I work with some great people!

I surprised some of the staff this morning as I actually played the piano for them. It was my turn to lead staff prayer so I talked about the hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” and then we all stood around the piano and sang all four verses of the hymn. Great experience!

New Computer Wednesday, Jan 29 2003 

We have a new computer. Jordon came this morning and hooked everything up. Works great! Tom was back in Saskatoon from McLean Lake – had some great conversations and good coffee. He is a remarkable young man. Talked to Tamara on Monday evening. It was hot and muggy in Bangkok. She has been having a great time with Renee and Nicole. She heads for Taiwan on February 10th.

We had some great discussion at our Small Group last night about the whole topic of “Tithing”and “Stewardship”of God’s resources. All that is created, including ourselves, was created by God and are his. How are we managing his resources? Nothing that we have is ours we are just the managers of it for a short time. Some good conversation about debt load and spending habits. We all need work in this area.

Had a great visit with my good friend Donna Nakrayko yesterday. We always have enlightening conversations. Talking about how we experience God in our lives. How do we relate to others when we talk about what God is doing. We experience God in such different ways and we need each other to learn from. We are created for community and not isolation. We want to share our spiritual journeys. Donna sees so many things different than I do and I learn so much from her. She has such vivid pictures in her mind and when she shares them with me I can never see a sunset or a rose again without seeing it from her perspective. I love �t when she talks about “gold nuggets”. These are experiences she has had and learned so much from and she holds them out to others to learn from them. However, many of us do not see the “gold nugget” and grab it. When we dont get it, we are the losers. I need to listen and accept these “gold nuggets”from others. We need to learn from each other. That is what community is all about. She is a wonderful friend, and actually her family is pretty special too.

Sunday Sunday, Jan 26 2003 

Had a great day today. Great service at Lakeview with Dr. Lee Barbour speaking about “Money”. We all need to hear more of these. Jordon, Wendy and Mark Cooper were here for Super Bowl Sunday – lots of food; terrible football; Shania Twain looking like something from outerspace!!! great anthem sung by my favorite “Dixie Chicks”; laughter; brainstorming names for new restaurants – no, you don’t want to hear the names; enjoying Mark who has to be the best 2 1/2 year old boy around; more boring football; but all-in-all a great day spent with awesome friends.

Bart Gilbert Wednesday, Jan 22 2003 

Check out

You will enjoy his spiritual journey. He’s also a great guy!

-30 Below Wednesday, Jan 22 2003 

Cold day today, something like -30C. Crazy – my poor car barely moved this morning. Busy day at work – lots of people stuff. Have to go back tonight to meet with someone. That is part of being a Pastor. Still have not heard from our girl, Tamara. Not much learning taking place in this head – too busy doing. If you want to learn something, connect to www.jordoncooper.com Sometimes I actually like the guy even if I don’t agree with everything he says!

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