Father’s Day Sunday, Jun 17 2007 

When Father’s Day comes around my thoughts always reflect back on the dad in my life.  In my young years of growing up, I didn’t much appreciate who he was and what he stood for, but as I have moved along in my maturity and age I am embracing more and more of what he was so much a part of.  As I have been doing alot of reading on “kingdom work” and being “missional” in how we live, I realize how blessed I am to have been raised in an environment where this was actually just the way my dad lived, and I can look back and see a picture of what kingdom and missional living is all about, as I have a living example to relate to.  Dad’s spirituality was how he lived and was interwoven into everything he did.  I realize that as I teach and speak to people, so much of my theology was developed from what dad taught at the breakfast table every morning, and the Sunday School classes he taught for years, and which I attended.  I never thought it out of the ordinary that dad never used a book to follow when he taught, it just came out of him.  I can remember him sitting with his open Bible on Sunday mornings, and sitting with his eyes closed, and now I know he was reflecting on Scripture and what it would mean for each of us in a practical way in our lives.  He would talk about a Scriptural principle and then he would say, “Now how do we live?” Good question…how does this relate to our ordinary life that we live every day.  Now if dad was reading this, he would probably be somewhat embarrassed by my words, but that is the influence he has been on my life.  He continues to mentor me and I ponder over and over the many things I learned from him over the years, and only now I am beginning to understand them and make them part of my life.  As you can see, I am a slow learner.  Hopefully somehow along the way these same principles are being passed on to the people around me.  My dad had no idea how his life would influence the people around him, he just lived his life the best way he knew how, loving God, loving his family…not perfectly but still loving them…loving his neighbour…and hopefully loving himself and embracing the person God created him to be…thanks dad…your influence continues to change me.


We’re back… Monday, Mar 26 2007 

The week at Elkhorn Resort was absolutely amazing! We had a week of relaxing with no schedule, just responding to the day and what it would bring. We had our amazing friends Mark and Marilyn Jacobson with us for four days! What a privilege to spend uninterrupted time with them having great conversations, great laughs, watching movies, eating, walking in the cold wind, sleeping late, eating wonderful snacks, reading books, and just hanging out with friends with whom you are totally comfortable! What a great time!

Still processing and working through much of the learning from my “Walking on Holy Ground” session…still embracing the slow work of God and gradual change that the Holy Spirit brings into my life. Reading on Sacred Space today and the words that stood out to me were when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and spoke to her she was “perplexed…and pondered”. Mary didn’t get it right away either, she was perplexed and needed time to ponder what was happening. I too am somewhat perplexed with what is going on inside of me, but it is okay to take time to ponder and not to rush to conclusions or make rash decisions immediately. There is a sense of peace that goes along with not being rushed. God is not busy and rushed and urgent…He speaks in a still small voice and the only way I hear it is when I am still and pondering! Good words for me today!

Christmas Decorating Monday, Dec 4 2006 

We are now back at home in the cold. Am in the process of doing some Christmas decorating. For those of you who know me well…this is always a stressful time for me. I did manage to get some of it with the help of Jerry and Kristy. Will have to continue in the coming days as did not get everything done. I am simplifying this year! It is getting simplier every year!

Our vacation is over and it was amazing! It is always hard to get back into the stream of things when you get back…am back at work tomorrow and lots of stuff to do the next couple of weeks. Life always seems so simple when on vacation and the reality of life hits you in the face when you return!

Cold Tuesday, Jan 21 2003 

Horrendously cold here in Saskatoon. Feels good to be inside. Still have not heard from our daughter in Thailand. Jesika’s birthday today. She is 22!! Happy Birthday Jesika! Hope you have an awesome day! We have Small Group at our house tonight. We are studying the Beatitudes talking about “A Challenging Lifestyle”. There are 11 of us that meet every Tuesday evening. We started as an Alpha Small Group one year ago and have just kept meeting together every week. Good stuff! Wonderful friendships being built.

Happy New Year to all! Wednesday, Jan 1 2003 

The first day of 2003! A day spent quietly reading and in contemplation of the coming year. I have many thoughts running through my mind as I think of the year ahead. I am not really a “goals” person, but I am a person of direction. How will my life be directed in the next 12 months? In what ways do I want to grow? I believe I need more solitude and quietness in my life. The busyness of life draws me away from the core of my being. What do I desire to be reflected in my life? These are some of the questions I have been asking myself.All my life I have been a learner. My father was a learner and has been my greatest inspiration. I love passionate dialogue and the exchange of ideas – new ideas. Over the past 4 years at Lakeview Church, Jordon Cooper has been a great catalyst for new thought for me personally. I have to admit that since he has left the staff at Lakeview, there is a great “hole” in the whole area of provocative and engaging conversation – whether it be theology, football, hockey, relationships, the “institution” of the church, change, postmodernism, spirituality, team based ministry – and the list could go on. However, saying that, I still have opportunity to connect with Jordon. Jordon and Wendy’s Christmas gifts to Jerry and I were books. Here are some that we will be reading and working our way through:

The Ingenuity Gap by Thomas Homer-Dixon
Emergence by Steven Johnson
Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus “Dare to Live a Life of Adventure”
A Better Hope by Stanley Hauerwas “Resources for a Church confromting Capitalism, Democracy, and Postmodernity

Some other I will endeavour to read are:

Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard
The Family by Jack O. Balswick & Judith K. Balswick
Intimate Allies by Allender Longman (These last two are for a course I am taking on “Discipling Your Family” taught by Martin Sanders at Lakeview Church in November 2002)
I am also taking a “Wesleyan Theology” class this weekend which requires the reading of two books with book reviews on each.

For me this means a big chunk of time – I would love to take a year’s sabbatical just to read. However, Jerry, my husband, says rather than just reading I need to put into practice just 1/100th of what I read and I would be an absolutely “awesome” person!!!! Sometimes practical people irritate me!!!!!

Reading through the Bible in 2003 is at the top of the list.

The New Year will bring changes in our household. Our daughter Tamara will be leaving for Taiwan on January 14th for at least a year. I am not sure I am ready for that. She has been at home for the past 4 months and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her here. However, she is 25 and has been on her own for quite awhile, attending the University of Calgary and Mount Royal College in Calgary for 4 years. Life is constant change.

Happy New Year to all!

New Years Eve Tuesday, Dec 31 2002 

December 31st the end of 2002. What a year this has been! Lots of good stuff!

Had a great day yesterday. Brooke and Kelly Graham came over at about 10:00 am for coffee and homemade cinnamon buns (made by Tamara). The day ended with them leaving about 11:30 pm. We just hung out all day. Kelly was able to pick up his Christmas present at McNally Robinson Bookstore. We met Kelly’s cousin, Reid, as well and he spent the day with us. Great guy! Kelly and Brooke have been in the Dominican Republic for the past 5 months. They have learned soooooo much and have “grown up” in so many ways (Kelly turned 30 on November 22nd). They are very special people in our lives and we are so proud of them. Lots of character building! Not always a fun experience but a necessary one in life.

Now, there was a special person in my life by the name of Geordon Cooper. However, after spending lunch with him and some other great people enjoying “spicy soup”, he then derided my wholesome reputation by posting an entirely unsanctified picture of a person who was “supposedly” me on his blog. I have always trusted Geordon, however, he is going to have to earn my trust back!!!

New Year’s resolutions: I have never been good at these because I invariably don’t follow through, but one resolution I am hoping to follow through on this year is reading through the Bible in 2003. Lakeview Church has encouraged our people to read through the Bible in 2003. Great opportunity! In January 1999 I started a study through the Bible, starting in Genesis. Today I will finish the last 4 chapters of Revelation – my study through Genesis to Revelation is completed – it took me 4 years. I am a bit of a “slow” learner! Reading it through this year will be different, in that, we will read some of the Old Testament; New Testament; Psalms; and Proverbs each day. I am looking forward to that.

We have experienced an exceedingly wonderful Christmas season. Our home has been filled with many people over the holidays and we have consumed much food and enjoyed many laughs. “Laughter doeth good like a medicine” the Scripture says and I hardly agree. We have many wonderful friends who have enriched our lives over the years. We received word today that a dear friend of ours from Brandon, Manitoba, Suzanne Bartlette, suddenly was taken from this earth to join her Heavenly Father. When Jerry and I moved to Brandon, Manitoba, in 1973, not knowing anyone in that City, Peter and Suzanne reached out to us and we became very good friends. It is hard to believe that life passes so quickly. Our sympathy and prayers go out to Peter and their 3 children.

Have a great New Year! May God’s richest blessings be yours in 2003.

Reading Sunday, Dec 29 2002 

It has been a snowy, lazy Sunday. Had a chance to read one of my Christmas books. Tom gave me the book entitled “Abraham” – A journey to the Heart of Three Faiths written by Bruce Feiler, New York Times Bestselling Author of Walking the Bible.

“At a moment when the world is asking ‘Can the religions get along?’ Abraham stands as the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians and Muslims. He holds the key to our deepest fears — and our possible reconciliation.”

It has been a very interesting read so far. Am looking forward to a continued good read.

Christmas Season is over. It was wonderful while it lasted. Christmas Eve came with a surprise visit by Santa. Made for some great excitement in the Reimer household. Christmas Day was great as we spent the day with some pretty special people in our lives, Jordon, Wendy and Mark Cooper. Great time of exchanging gifts and good conversation over some great coffee!! You never want for conversation with Jordon and Wendy around. Darren, Sherryl Friesen and their three children joined us for our Christmas meal. It was a wonderful day all-round. I drank a little too much coffee and ended up cleaning the house until about 3:00 am. At least I had nothing to do the next day.

Spent Friday, December 27th, in Prince Albert visiting my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. Tom, Tamara and Berke Buchko came as well. Berke connected with Brooke and Kelly. Great day! We had given my brother-in-law the book “Young Evangelicals” by Robert Webber. We had some great conversation regarding it. Lorne is a Traditionalist/Pragmatist which made the conversation very lively. Lorne has influenced many people with the giftedness he has in teaching the Scriptures. He is a great guy – even if I don’t always agree with him.

Brooke and Kelly Graham are coming over for the whole day tomorrow. Am looking forward to hearing all their experiences over the past three months while in the Dominican Republic.

Merry Christmas to all! Wednesday, Dec 25 2002 

I have just received this Christmas Gift from Jordon and Jeb. It is a little frightening for me, however, I am so excited that I have been included with the natives! Thanks for your messages of encouragement Jeb, John and Allison, Darren, and Cathy. With all the new books I have received for gifts, I should be able to “wax eloquent” with all the learning I will be doing.

Merry Christmas Tuesday, Dec 24 2002 

Oh Gloria, I hope you enjoy this little present where you can chat it up with the rest of us natives. Thanks for being who you are, it means so much to me. Oh, and I thought the choking thing at the top was playful, it gives a little insight into your zany character. Yeah, I know I’m dead. But thanks for being caring when I was alive.


Merry Christmas Tuesday, Dec 24 2002 

Happy Christmas Gloria!!! I hope you enjoy this gift (even if it’s not from me). You are so wonderful to have around. Thank you for helping to keep me sane.


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