Nettie… Thursday, Jun 28 2007 

Jerry’s oldest sister Nettie passed away today in Penticton from cancer. Please pray for her husband David, and her four sons, Rick, Doug, Dan and Ian, and her 3 grandchildren…sad day for this family.


Jerry turns 60… Thursday, Apr 5 2007 

We celebrated Jerry’s 60th birthday this evening together with Berke and Mel; and Kelly and Molly. We had Jerry’s favorite meal of ribs which were absolutely delicious. The phone has been ringing all evening with well wishes from family and friends. I am having a come and go birthday party fo Jerry on Friday evening between 7:30 pm and midnight…so if you are in the area please drop in for a piece of birthday cake and wish the birthday boy a “Happy Birthday”.

A Perfect Day Thursday, Nov 30 2006 

Yesterday was a perfect winter day for me…it went like this….

I got up at 9:15 am and looking outside saw the beautiful mountains and clear blue sky with a temperature of -22. Jerry and I decided to head outside before breakfast, so we bundled up in our winter clothes and headed out. The mountains covered in snow were absolutely spectacular with the blue sky and bright sunshine…it was more beautiful than words can express. The new snow sparkled like thousands of diamonds and the snow crunched under each of our footsteps. the chickadees were singing in the trees and as we walked around the frozen lake with the panarama of mountains all around us, my heart was so full of gratefulness for the privilege of being alive and experiencing this kind of beauty. My sense of God is always so beyond comprehension when I breathe in the beauty of his creation…amazing.

In the afternoon Jerry and I drove to Lake Louise and the trip down continued to be breathtaking as we drove through the mountains. Lake Louise had received about 10 inches of new snow and as we got closer to Lake Louise, the trees were just hanging and covered with new snow, up to about 10 to 12 inches…it was absolutely beautiful. We drove up to the Lake Louise Hotel and words cannot express the beauty that was all around us. We just took picture after picture…but you just aren’t able to capture the beauty and the vastness of nature all around you. I love winter like this…it is perfect!

The Chateau Lake Louise was all decorated for Christmas inside, so we toured the old hotel enjoying all the history pictures and reading about all the early people involved in the building of the railway across Canada and through the Rockies. No agenda…we could do it at our own speed and in no hurry.

My favorite bakery is in Lake Louise so Jerry and I stopped and puchased all our favorite things to eat together with a Chai Lattee…there we are the two of us eating scrumptious sausage rolls in the parking lot…we couldn’t wait!! The Health Cookies, Cinnamon Buns and other goodies we bought were saved for later!!!

We then drove back to Banff and I spent a couple of hours in “The Spirit of Christmas” store…it has everything you can imagine for Christmas…it was fun just to look and not feel pressured by buying into the having the right “look” for Christmas. I am dealing with all the expectations that comes with Christmas…I don’t need to buy into it.

We then went up to the Banff Springs Hotel to see the Christmas Decorations there…they were absolutely amazing with 6 huge Christmas Trees decorated and lights and decorations everywhere…we then headed back to Canmore.

We came back to our place in Canmore…ate some of our goodies…watched CSI New York and Criminal Minds…and in between read my good book Maya that I received from Matt and Jesika…and that was our day…no heavy intellectual thought or converations…just the enjoyment of being alive and enjoying the world around us.

As we were driving yesterday, I reminisced about all the places were had been to and how there is beauty everywhere…we just have to take the time to embrace it and enjoy it…

Those are my thoughts for today as I listen to the Messiah and look out the window at the blue sky with the majestic mountains all around us.