Officially moved out… Monday, Aug 25 2008 

I have officially moved out of my office at Lakeview and from my perspective official retirement has begun.  The office looks pretty bare and lonely, but the task is done.  Just a couple of things to be returned to the Barbour residence.  I have bequeathed my bookshelves to Jeb and hopefully he will put them to good use.  I am heading to Japan early tomorrow morning beginning my trek across the world to spend time with our daughter, her husband, and our coming grandchild.  It is exciting but also I have to admit I am a little nervous.  But life is all about learning new things and stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone.  It will be awesome to spend time with Tamara and just hang out for a few days before our little “Chella”  makes her official appearance.

We celebrated my sister Doris’ and her husband Lorne’s 40th wedding anniversary this weekend in Waskesiu.  It was a great time and a fun time looking back over the years they have been together.  Jerry and I will be married for 40 years on June 28, 2009, so we are not far behind them.  We have spend many, many occasions together with Lorne and Doris and their family.  We have had so many fun times and we have shared lots of laughter together.  We have also walked some hard roads together as well.  Life isn’t always a barrel of laughs…there are tears along the way as well.  We have shed our share of tears as well.  Overall, we have had some great years and we are grateful.

Our son Matt and his wife Jesika are heading out to Davis, California this week as Matt starts his years of study at the University of California.  They are pulling a trailer of their belongings behind their Subaru which will hopefully get them across the mountains and into Davis safely.  They have been busy selling off some of their stuff to be able to get just what they need into the trailer.  Should be an interesting trek for them!  We are hoping that the brakes hold through the mountains and the motor keeps chugging into California.

Well, here’s to life in a new direction.  Not sure what lies ahead, but I do know that it will be interesting and in many ways new.  I also know that God is amazing and He will never abandon me and will always be above me, beside me, beneath me, around me, within me, guiding and directing as we walk life together.  That is what gives me strength and confidence in the future, knowing that God is in everything and is everywhere, and that He is especially in the ordinary walk of life.  I am so grateful as well for family and friends who are so encouraging and loving.  We surely do need each other!


Retirement… Thursday, Aug 21 2008 

I have a little over a week to go and I will be officially retired from Lakeview Church.  I will have completed exactly 12 years of employment there.  I came into Lakeview the beginning of September 1996.  I came on staff as the Ministry Facilitator, responsible for administration and ministry facilitation, under the new pastorship of Dean Angell.  There is no doubt my life has seen some radical change, slowly, over these years.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to learn and grow through the many situations that came into my life.  I am hoping to chronicle my journey of retirement.  I am starting out my retirement by heading to Japan on Monday, August 25th, to spend time with our daughter, Tamara and her husband Benny, who are expecting our first grandchild in September.  I will be traveling alone as Jerry is coming later in September.  Great way to start retirement…move out of my comfort zone by experiencing traveling across the world by myself.  I am not sure what is ahead, but I am excited about the future and the opportunities awaiting.  Who knows?  I might enter politics!

Sabbath…Seeing my life through the eyes of others Sunday, Oct 7 2007 

A couple of thoughts today as I am researching and thinking about exercising a Sabbath in my life on a consistent basis and as I look forward to turning 60 in December, looking at refining who I am by seeing myself through the eyes of others.  I want to finish well!  I don’t want to have blinders on my eyes and end up on the wrong side of the finishing line!

The Sabbath is something I have pondered on for quite some time but haven’t been specific in putting something together for it.  The book I am reading through is “Sabbath” by Wayne Muller, and it is an excellent resource and would highly recommend it.  It is highly practical as well and he gives many examples of what you can do to bring Sabbath about in your lives.  So today is my Sabbath…it is Sunday…I have no responsibilities except to have Thanksgiving dessert with Jordon and Wendy this evening.  Awesome!

Now, I really have no idea who reads this blog, but these are some of the questions I am asking people to give input into my life on…and if you want to do that for me…please email me or give me a phone call…I would be happy to hear from you.  These are the questions:

In knowing me and in your relationship with me, what has your experience been?  What has been positive?  Have I in any way hurt or disappointed you by my actions, words, attitude or behaviour?

What do you see as my greatest strengths?

What areas of my life do I not do well in?

What are some ways I could change or mature in to become a greater influence on the people around me?

What would be some words of wisdom for me?

Where do you see God working the greatest in me and through me?

My desire is to be all that I can be!  In order to be that person, I need to hear from those who know me well and are willing to be honest with me.  Please be gentle!  I do have feelings!

There’s my life update for today!

Exercising… Tuesday, Jun 19 2007 

I am half way through my exercising program and I was retested today.  I certainly haven’t seen much change, but I was able to leg press 230 pounds today which is a lot more than I did 6 weeks ago.  I also was able to shoulder press 30 pounds more than 6 weeks ago.  I don’t feel any different, so not sure what this is all supposed to mean.  I think Jerry wants to continue doing this kind of thing after we are done this and believe it or not he wants to continue exercising together…I was hoping he would have memory loss when it came to this.  Anyhow, that is life in the exercise department of the Reimer household.  Jerry claims he is feeling much, much better with all his exercise…not sure what is the matter with me!!!!

Beautiful sunny day today! Sunday, Jun 17 2007 

It was a great morning sitting in the sunshine reading the paper and drinking a great cup of coffee!  Jerry went fishing with his friend Gerry…leaving at 4:00 in the morning…crazy…so Shannon, Kristy’s friend, came and they took the dogs for their walk this morning.  Niko and Griffin were not happy to see me this morning as they were expecting their most beloved Jerry to take them for their run on the prairie!  Griffin refused to eat her breakfast food so Niko promptly ate both.  Once Griffin had her walk THEN she was ready to eat!  These dogs are more work than kids!  The best part though is that they do love us unconditionally and they don’t talk back!!  They are so funny to watch!  They love when we are outside with them and they play like crazy with each other…running as fast as they can around the yard…under the deck…behind the trees…they have little paths all over.   Griffin is much faster than Niko so Griffin runs and Niko hides and waits for her to come.  Hilarious!  We don’t have to go anywhere but into our backyard to be entertained for hours!  It’s cheap too!

Facebook Friday, Jun 15 2007 

Well I just registered on Facebook…not sure that will do anything amazing to my life.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Life is good!  Busy with our grandpuppies…keeping them happy and occupied.  Matt and Jesika are settling into their little mud house in Kakamega, Kenya…starting their internships on Monday.  Tamara is busy teaching English in Kaihsoing for a few weeks, hopefully coming home for a couple of weeks in August before returning to Japan.  Our life is global trying to keep connected to our kids. 

Kids… Monday, May 28 2007 

Tamara has arrived in Taiwan safe and sound; Matt and Jesika have arrived in Nairobi safe and sound…we are so thankful.  Tamara went off for the weekend with her friend Liz and Matt and Jesika are off to feed baby elephants and go to a baby animal orphanage!!  We are happy watching the grandpuppies…Niki had his first taste of gramps wrath when he dumped three plants that we had just completed planting with new plants…apparently he likes the bonemeal we put into the dirt for the roots to grow…oh niki…I don’t think he will eat plant dirt again.   I am sure he will be happy as a lark when Jerry takes them for their run in the open fields around Saskatoon in the morning!

Jerry turns 60… Thursday, Apr 5 2007 

We celebrated Jerry’s 60th birthday this evening together with Berke and Mel; and Kelly and Molly. We had Jerry’s favorite meal of ribs which were absolutely delicious. The phone has been ringing all evening with well wishes from family and friends. I am having a come and go birthday party fo Jerry on Friday evening between 7:30 pm and midnight…so if you are in the area please drop in for a piece of birthday cake and wish the birthday boy a “Happy Birthday”.

I am still alive… Thursday, Mar 15 2007 

I am not sure if anyone reads this blog, but that is okay, it helps me work out things going on in my head. I just returned from my 8 day class of “Walking on Holy Ground” a class on Spiritual Direction. The days were full and it was absolutely amazing, both in learning and in experience. There were 9 students in the class with 2 professors. It was well worth every penny and minute. Made some excellent new friends in the process! Staying at Queen’s House of Retreats for the whole time was great, in that, we were able to connect with each other in our down time. My head is still full of everything and I am in the process of working through alot of the material and experiences. I didn’t realize how parched and dry I was in my inner world until I experienced the wells of spring water that came over me as I soaked in the learning and the experiences. As I work through what I learned and am learning, I will share with you on this blog. The most life changing experiences were the silent and contemplative prayer times. It is amazing what we hear when we listen in quietness and confidence reflecting on Scripture and inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to us!

We are heading out to Elkhorn Resort on Saturday for a week of relaxation, reading and recreation. Mark and Marilyn Jacobson are joining us until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I know it will be a fun time!

New Computer Wednesday, Jan 29 2003 

We have a new computer. Jordon came this morning and hooked everything up. Works great! Tom was back in Saskatoon from McLean Lake – had some great conversations and good coffee. He is a remarkable young man. Talked to Tamara on Monday evening. It was hot and muggy in Bangkok. She has been having a great time with Renee and Nicole. She heads for Taiwan on February 10th.

We had some great discussion at our Small Group last night about the whole topic of “Tithing”and “Stewardship”of God’s resources. All that is created, including ourselves, was created by God and are his. How are we managing his resources? Nothing that we have is ours we are just the managers of it for a short time. Some good conversation about debt load and spending habits. We all need work in this area.

Had a great visit with my good friend Donna Nakrayko yesterday. We always have enlightening conversations. Talking about how we experience God in our lives. How do we relate to others when we talk about what God is doing. We experience God in such different ways and we need each other to learn from. We are created for community and not isolation. We want to share our spiritual journeys. Donna sees so many things different than I do and I learn so much from her. She has such vivid pictures in her mind and when she shares them with me I can never see a sunset or a rose again without seeing it from her perspective. I love �t when she talks about “gold nuggets”. These are experiences she has had and learned so much from and she holds them out to others to learn from them. However, many of us do not see the “gold nugget” and grab it. When we dont get it, we are the losers. I need to listen and accept these “gold nuggets”from others. We need to learn from each other. That is what community is all about. She is a wonderful friend, and actually her family is pretty special too.

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