Facebook Friday, Jun 15 2007 

Well I just registered on Facebook…not sure that will do anything amazing to my life.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Life is good!  Busy with our grandpuppies…keeping them happy and occupied.  Matt and Jesika are settling into their little mud house in Kakamega, Kenya…starting their internships on Monday.  Tamara is busy teaching English in Kaihsoing for a few weeks, hopefully coming home for a couple of weeks in August before returning to Japan.  Our life is global trying to keep connected to our kids. 


Kids… Monday, May 28 2007 

Tamara has arrived in Taiwan safe and sound; Matt and Jesika have arrived in Nairobi safe and sound…we are so thankful.  Tamara went off for the weekend with her friend Liz and Matt and Jesika are off to feed baby elephants and go to a baby animal orphanage!!  We are happy watching the grandpuppies…Niki had his first taste of gramps wrath when he dumped three plants that we had just completed planting with new plants…apparently he likes the bonemeal we put into the dirt for the roots to grow…oh niki…I don’t think he will eat plant dirt again.   I am sure he will be happy as a lark when Jerry takes them for their run in the open fields around Saskatoon in the morning!

Tamara Tuesday, Feb 6 2007 

Had a chance to have a good talk with our daughter tonight.  I have missed her so much as we haven’t been able to communicate that much since she arrived in Japan.  She has now moved into her own place and will be getting a landline phone which will be a lot better than her cell phone.  She is doing well.  Working through some issues in her life and dealing with a little loneliness, but she sounded good tonight and it was so good to connect with her again.  Sure do miss her though!  I just might have to go and visit her one of these days!

Life…. Friday, Feb 2 2007 

Living life can be stressful, funny, exciting, boring, fearful and the words could go on. I think I have experienced most of those in the past couple of weeks. I am excited and at peace with what I believe will be a good few months down the road. I am always afraid to have expectations, because so often I am disappointed. But I am going to risk having a few expectations for the future.

Anyway, I miss our kids. Tamara seems so far away in Japan and with the phone calls and emails being few and far between, this is probably the first time I have really felt far, far, far, removed from her life. Maybe it is because she spent 4 months at home this past year, but I sure do miss talking with her and sharing life. Now we don’t always agree and get along, and she keeps telling me that when I talk “I keep hurting her ears”…that’s because she says I talk too loud…I tell her that I am just passionate about what I am talking about…but I do miss her and sometimes worry about her being alone in Japan. I think that is a mother’s privilege to be concerned and worry just a little.

Matt is planning to come home for reading week in February. I am looking forward to that. Good conversations always happen when we are together…sometimes very animated and loud…but usually we learn from one another…if we listen to each other’s perspective and not just speak our own perspective louder!!!! Niki and Griffin will be here too…our grandpuppies! Jesika will be in Victoria with her mom, which will be nice, but we will miss her.

New Computer Wednesday, Jan 29 2003 

We have a new computer. Jordon came this morning and hooked everything up. Works great! Tom was back in Saskatoon from McLean Lake – had some great conversations and good coffee. He is a remarkable young man. Talked to Tamara on Monday evening. It was hot and muggy in Bangkok. She has been having a great time with Renee and Nicole. She heads for Taiwan on February 10th.

We had some great discussion at our Small Group last night about the whole topic of “Tithing”and “Stewardship”of God’s resources. All that is created, including ourselves, was created by God and are his. How are we managing his resources? Nothing that we have is ours we are just the managers of it for a short time. Some good conversation about debt load and spending habits. We all need work in this area.

Had a great visit with my good friend Donna Nakrayko yesterday. We always have enlightening conversations. Talking about how we experience God in our lives. How do we relate to others when we talk about what God is doing. We experience God in such different ways and we need each other to learn from. We are created for community and not isolation. We want to share our spiritual journeys. Donna sees so many things different than I do and I learn so much from her. She has such vivid pictures in her mind and when she shares them with me I can never see a sunset or a rose again without seeing it from her perspective. I love �t when she talks about “gold nuggets”. These are experiences she has had and learned so much from and she holds them out to others to learn from them. However, many of us do not see the “gold nugget” and grab it. When we dont get it, we are the losers. I need to listen and accept these “gold nuggets”from others. We need to learn from each other. That is what community is all about. She is a wonderful friend, and actually her family is pretty special too.

Learning Thursday, Jan 23 2003 

Tamara emailed and called tonight. She is having an awesome time in Thailand. It is absolutely beautiful and the weather is just right. The food is “out of this world” delicious and her and Renee are having a great time together. It was so good to hear her voice. She loves new experiences. There is no doubt we are proud of her. She has accomplished much in her 25 years of living.

-40C here this morning with the windchill. Not a nice day at all. Snowing and blowing – good day to stay at home in front of the fireplace with a good book. Jerry has had to work some really long hours because of guys being off sick, so Don Pogoda and Greg Plett went to see Jerry this morning at work and took him some ice cream. Now if you know Jerry, you know that his most favorite thing in the world is ice cream. What awesome guys! There is no doubt they are in his “good books”.

I have been reflecting on the whole idea of learning. For me so much of my learning come from new ideas, books and theories and not so much the practical. My son Matt has been challenging me a bit, in that, learning is not just new ideas mom. You can learn in more than one way. So I am learning new things every day from all the different experiences I have throughout the day. I am not naturally an experiential learner, hands on, or learning from what my feelings and emotions are all about, so Matt, I am trying to intentionally learn in new ways. As I visited a friend in the hospital tonight, I experienced such compassion as I sat on the bed beside him. He looked like a fragile little bird, laying so quiet. Yes, God is teaching me and changing me, as there was a time when I could hardly walk into a hospital, let alone minister to those who were ill. Yes I am learning, even if I didn’t get a chance to read the second chapter of The Ingenuity Gap.

Tamara Thursday, Jan 16 2003 

We just talked to Tamara by phone. She is doing great! They got bumped up to First Class from Vancouver to Tokoyo. The flight was good. It was a little cramped from Tokoyo to Bangkok, but she arrived intact with all her luggage. They are adjusting to the time change. She says it is absolutely beautiful and the weather is not too hot. She said she missed us, but I think she said that just to make us feel good! It was so good to hear her voice. It was as if she was just down the street. It is hard to believe that she is half way around the world.

Tamara is gone Thursday, Jan 16 2003 

She’s gone! Tamara has arrived safely in Bangkok, Thailand. We had a wonderful and stressful weekend in Canmore and Calgary. Her final paper to be completed ended up being a “family affair”. But we did it! She delivered it to her Professor at 1:30 pm and we headed off to the airport. One of her bags was too heavy, so she quickly took some stuff out and spread it around to her other bags. She ended up with both of her big bags under 70 lbs. However, she did have an extra suitcase that was too heavy to go on board, so we ended up paying extra for that. She ended up being the last one to board the airplane after being paged, and, much to her shagrin, all the passengers applauded when she took her seat. Good for Tamara! We miss her. The house is very quiet! I must admit that tears were shed, but that is a good thing! The time with Matt and Jesika was great. It was fun being in their condo. We ate, laughed and played games. We celebrated Jesika’s birthday by going out to dinner in Banff. We arrived back in Saskatoon late Tuesday afternoon.

Having lunch with Jordon, Wendy and Darren tomorrow. We are going to discuss the 1st chapter from “The Ingenuity Gap” by Thomas Homer-Dixon, entitled “Careening in the Future”. Should be good. Hopefully I will understand and remember what I have read!

On the way home from Calgary I read the “Persons of the Year” Time magazine, December 30/2002 – January 6, 2003. Very interesting. The cover was entitled “The Whistleblowers” featuring Cynthia Cooper of Worldcom; Coleen Rowley of the FBI; and Sherron Watkins of Enron. After reading the articles I came to the conclusion that women are basically good and do the right thing, while men, are mostly power hungry and will do anything to get power.

Lunch with Jordon and Darren Saturday, Jan 11 2003 

Great lunch on Friday with Jordon and Darren. However, Jordon keeps making fun of my age, which really doesn’t bother me much! He’s knows I have great wisdom to offer in spite of my age or maybe it’s because of my age I have wisdom. Whatever!

We are off to Calgary so Tamara can head out on her journeys. We have had some interesting days in our household with packing; completing a paper for her last University credit; deciding what to take and what not to take; deciding again when the suitcases are full and there is no more room; lots of fun. We will be back late Tuesday afternoon.

Great to see Brooke and Kelly back in the Dominican Republic. Great time with them over the holidays. They are very special people.