2003 Monday, Jan 6 2003 

Well the holidays are over and back to the real grind. Went to “work out” tonight for the first time in about three weeks. The old body was a little slow, but I am sure will cooperate more the next time I go.

Great couple of days in class with Prof Dave Ashton looking at Wesleyan Theology. Great look at Church History and some of the early Church Fathers. Looked at the culture John Wesley’s day and what England looked like in those days. We looked extensively at the difference between the Eastern and Western Early Church Fathers.We also sang some Wesley hymns one being “O for a thousand tongues to sing” all 14 verses of it. I didn’t sing, I just read the words!!!! John Wesley’s theology was one of optimism. Love is at the center. What you love controls you. Failure to love is the center of sin. 7 deadly sins all misdirected love. I have two books to read and do papers on. The first is John Wesley edited by Albert C. Outler. The second is Responsible GraceJohn Wesley’s Practical Theology, by Randy L. Maddox. Once I have finished these, I am sure I will be able to “wax eloquent”. If you want to discuss more, I would love to over a cup of coffee.

Busy week ahead of us as Tamara gets ready to head over the ocean to Thailand and then Taiwan. We will be connecting with Matt and Jesika, our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Canmore, for the weekend, and then drop Tamara off at the Calgary airport on Monday afternoon. Our home will be very quiet after she leaves. She is heading off to visit Thailand and then work in Taiwan teaching English. It looks like Jerry and I will have to take a trip to Taiwan.


Reading Sunday, Dec 29 2002 

It has been a snowy, lazy Sunday. Had a chance to read one of my Christmas books. Tom gave me the book entitled “Abraham” – A journey to the Heart of Three Faiths written by Bruce Feiler, New York Times Bestselling Author of Walking the Bible.

“At a moment when the world is asking ‘Can the religions get along?’ Abraham stands as the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians and Muslims. He holds the key to our deepest fears — and our possible reconciliation.”

It has been a very interesting read so far. Am looking forward to a continued good read.

Christmas Season is over. It was wonderful while it lasted. Christmas Eve came with a surprise visit by Santa. Made for some great excitement in the Reimer household. Christmas Day was great as we spent the day with some pretty special people in our lives, Jordon, Wendy and Mark Cooper. Great time of exchanging gifts and good conversation over some great coffee!! You never want for conversation with Jordon and Wendy around. Darren, Sherryl Friesen and their three children joined us for our Christmas meal. It was a wonderful day all-round. I drank a little too much coffee and ended up cleaning the house until about 3:00 am. At least I had nothing to do the next day.

Spent Friday, December 27th, in Prince Albert visiting my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. Tom, Tamara and Berke Buchko came as well. Berke connected with Brooke and Kelly. Great day! We had given my brother-in-law the book “Young Evangelicals” by Robert Webber. We had some great conversation regarding it. Lorne is a Traditionalist/Pragmatist which made the conversation very lively. Lorne has influenced many people with the giftedness he has in teaching the Scriptures. He is a great guy – even if I don’t always agree with him.

Brooke and Kelly Graham are coming over for the whole day tomorrow. Am looking forward to hearing all their experiences over the past three months while in the Dominican Republic.

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