106234551823646615 Sunday, Aug 31 2003 

It has been awhile but I will do short blogs of different events and things that have happened in my life. We did a marathon weekend last week as we attended 3 weddings in two days. Now this wouldn’t be anything to talk about except that the first wedding was on Friday in Saskatoon with the reception at 6:00 pm and the second wedding was at 1:00 pm on Saturday afternoon in southern Manitoba a 9 hour drive away and the third wedding was in Winnipeg at 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. We made it to all three and it was an awesome but tiring weekend. Each wedding was so unique and different. Each one said so much about the people who were getting married. Jennifer and Roger – very traditional and beautiful – very inspiring. Mike and Deirdre – very earthy and very different – don’t think I will be at another one like that. David and Jennifer – very beautiful – very simple – but very special. We then spent Sunday in Morden with Jerry’s family. It was great to catch up on all the news. All in All – a great weekend.


106158137181495117 Friday, Aug 22 2003 

Our tickets are now purchased and confirmed! There is no turning back now!

106152507052719582 Thursday, Aug 21 2003 

It has been a busy week, although I did have a couple evenings where I could do some reading. However, today I had quite an afternoon, thanks to one Greg Plett.

Now nobody really knows that I am totally afraid of grasshoppers because that is not something people talk about or ask you “Gloria, are you afraid of grasshoppers?” However, Greg decided today to find out for real, without asking, if I was scared of grasshoppers. So I come back to my office and Corwyn, who is in Greg’s office, keeps talking to me about the 4 Spiritual Laws and I am telling him that I don’t believe in laws, etc. Finally I open my left hand drawer and show him “My relationship” book. Claudio has also come down to see me so I have Corwyn, talking constantly, Claudio and Greg in my BIG office. Greg than casually says “Look there is a grasshopper on the floor”. Well guess who freaks out and is screaming like there is no tomorrow. Needless to say, the blood curdling screams coming from my face were authentic and frightening. You see, what happens when I see grasshoppers and they get close to me, my legs won’t stay still and my voice screams automatically. Well, to make a long story short – my good friend Greg – had put 3, can you believe it, 3 grasshoppers in my desk. I told Greg that if one of those hoppers had jumped on me, I would have fainted! You see when I was a little girl living on the farm, these stupid grasshoppers would jump on me and “stick”. They have suction cups on their legs so you can’t get them off of you. I have not, in my old age, overcome this fear of “hoppers”. I just stay away from them as much as I can.

I know in the end Greg felt really bad, but I have to admit it was a great practical joke – as it certainly got the response he didn’t expect. Greg is a great guy and he is the best, however, I think he will need to watch his back for awhile!!!!

Corwyn who had been in my office talking all the while, I found him in the hallway and poured a glass of water down his back. Poor guy, he wasn’t really the culprit at all, so I did sincerely apologize to him.

That was my traumatic experience for today!

Looks like our tickets are booked for Taiwan with a confirmation tomorrow. I am a little nervous, but I think that is okay.

106130673631514350 Tuesday, Aug 19 2003 

A correction needed after I read my blog. It was not my sister Joanne on the boat with us, she is petrified of water, it was my niece Christa. This old mind sometimes gets things turned around.

106123620296314357 Monday, Aug 18 2003 

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. I have been feeling kinda of down these last couple of days. I had such high hopes of what I would accomplish over the summer months and it seems there just hasn’t been enough time to accomplish all the things I wanted to. I feel a little displaced these days. Lots of changes at work and not knowing exactly where I fit.

We are in the process of booking our flights to Taiwan for over the Christmas holidays. Tamara gets two weeks off so it looks as if we will be heading to Vietnam to connect with Matt and Jesika, and hopefully Jesika’s parents, Dan and Kathy. It should be fun. I am a little leery but am deciding that we will have a great time together.

There have been lots of people over the summer and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted in reading and reflecting. Summer is also busy with gardening and keeping up with everything. I always forget how much work it takes to have a nice yard with all kinds of different flowers. Summer is busy as we try to cram in all the things we want to do while the weather is nice.

We had a great time with my family. It was so good to be together. My sisters, Doris and Joanne, one is older and one is younger than me, are great fun to be with. We always laugh lots and relax wonderfully together. Having my brother Ron and his wife Eleanor with us was great too. We need to do more of this.

The time at the lake was absolutely wonderful. The weather couldn’t haven’t been better and the lake was just like glass. I even went on a long boat ride. I am very frightened of water so the lake has to be perfectly still for me to get into a boat. Well, that is exactly the way it was, so my brother-in-law Lorne, my brother Ron, my sister Joanne and me went for this long boat ride to the end of The Narrows. I thought of my friend Donna Nakrayko as we were enjoying the moment. Looking at the magnificent blue sky, white fluffy clouds, the sparkle of the sun on the water, the breeze on our faces, the hot sun on our bodies, the pelicans taking off and landing on the water, the bald eagle catching fish; Ron, Lorne and Joanne fishing but only getting weeds; it was absolutely amazing.

Matt and Jesika are finished treeplanting. They are on their way to Vancouver to connect with Jesika’s mom. Her dad is in Edmonton and Matt and Jesika spent a couple of days with him. Matt is flying to Dallas, Texas around August 26th as his friend from New Zealand, Cam, is getting married. Matt is then flying into Saskatoon. Jesika and Kathy are driving to Saskatoon during that time. Matt, Jesika and Kathy will be here until about September 13th, when Matt and Jesika head out to Asia to travel over the winter months.

That’s about it for my life up to now. Still walking and trying to keep my perspective in the right position. God is very present even if it doesn’t feel like it at times. God is good! All the time!

106082558104061308 Wednesday, Aug 13 2003 

I have not disappeared from the planet. My family was all here and we were at the lake for a few days. My sister Joanne and her husband Dwight left this morning. I am just catching my breath. Just wanted to let those of you who missed me, that I am still alive and kicking. I am busy catching up on everyone’s blog that I have missed over the past week. It is amazing how much you miss out on when you are away. Great way to catch up!

106006149496559592 Tuesday, Aug 5 2003 

Tamara leaves tomorrow morning back to Taiwan. Her time here has been too short!

105980397725473216 Saturday, Aug 2 2003 

Fun time tonight. We had our full course turkey dinner and it was delicious, if I might say so myself! It was perfect weather to sit outside and eat. Great evening had by all! Long day and I am tired, but an overall awesome day!