Update Wednesday, Jun 30 2004 

I haven’t blogged for awhile as my typing skills are not the best with my splint still on my middle left hand finger.

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday. It just does not seem like we have been married for that long. I keep telling everyone that I am 35 years old…that just doesn’t add up. We went out for dinner and then went to Jerry’s for ice cream…great evening.

Hot weather has finally arrived! My plants are beginning to bloom and fill out.

Been doing alot of reflecting lately…I need to connect with more people for discussion purposes…being an extrovert I need to verbalize my thoughts and interact with people to bring closure to these thoughts…I haven’t been around Jordon for awhile…I need someone to disagree with so I can formulate conclusions…he is my best arguing partner…he only has “one feeling” like me!!!

Work is busy as all the Pastors at Lakeview, except me, are going either on holidays or taking studies at Regent College in Vancouver. I don’t mind as I usually don’t take holidays July and August. Life goes on even during the summer with illness and the like. God is never on holidays and keeps working in people’s lives!


HOME Monday, Jun 21 2004 

We are home…safe and sound…long drive today…both tired…had a great time away…not a holiday but a very rewarding time away…we talked about why we do what we do and came up with the answer…just because…that is who we are…seemed like a good answer to us…am going to my doctor tomorrow, if I can get in, to get my finger checked out…very annoying and does make typing most difficult…it will be good to sleep in my own bed tonight…sweet dreams…back to work tomorrow.

Vacation Wednesday, Jun 16 2004 

Greetings from Stanwood, Washington…we are here visiting my brother’s family…great time…have not been able to blog much as I tore the tendon from the bone on my middle left hand finger which makes typing somewhat difficult…I did it while painting at my sister’s house in Langley, BC…don’t ask how I did it…I now have to have my finger in a splint for at least 6 weeks to have the tendon heal to reattach to the bone…now I have a stiff middle finger on my left hand…very interesting…in spite of injuries we are having a busy and good vacation…painted a huge portion of my sister’s house…or I should say Jerry with the help of me, Dwight and Ron finished the painting…house looks absolutely awesome…worth the hard work…nice drive to Stanwood, Washington…Jerry being who he is we took all the back roads which always makes every trip very interesting…as long as we go in the general right direction all else falls into place…it seems I have been gone from home forever…it being 2 1/2 weeks…should be back on Monday or Tuesday of next week…we will head back to Calgary via Kelowna and then back to Toon town

Calgary Wednesday, Jun 2 2004 

Greetings from Calgary. I arrived on Sunday after a 45 minute flight from Saskatoon. Sure beats driving! It has been a great week. Heather’s good friend Nicole Fluker is here with us and we are doing fine. Kieran has adjusted to these two strange women in his life and actually seems to be enjoying our stay. Heather is recuperating well, good days and some not so good days. That is to be expected after major surgery. The weather has not been warm, but with a jacket you can go for a pretty good walk. Kieran loves his stroller so that gives us some exercise. Greg is back at work again. He was off for 3 weeks before and after Heather’s surgery. Hello to all of you back in Saskatoon. My first week away has been good. A little tired from the busyness of the last few weeks in Saskatoon, but hopefully by the time we hit British Columbia I will be rested up and ready to do some painting!