Still Alive and Kicking Part 2 Thursday, Aug 26 2004 

It has been a loooooooong time since I have blogged. Life sometimes just gets too busy and passes me by too quickly.

I just returned from Lakeview’s Staff Retreat at Christopher Lake. It rained “cats and dogs” for the first day but the weather changed to being somewhat kinder to us by today – as always the sun comes out the day we leave. It was a good time. Staff Retreats are not my favorite event, but another one was survived and we are heading into a busy Fall Season at Lakeview.

I am looking forward to getting back into a more scheduled kind of life. Often the end of the summer finds me not too happy with where I am in my spiritual life as summer is spent more in doing than in learning. I am looking forward to some good reading days in September. I am going to tackle the book “Divine Conspiracy” by Dallas Willard. I did some quick reading in it during our retreat and am excited and looking forward to spending some good quality time in it. My good friend Elizabeth says it will be an amazing experience reading this book!

We are going to be heading out to Calgary to connect with our kids Matt and Jesika. We are going to hang out at their new dwelling place and hopefully give them a hand with some paint and the like. Looking forward to it! It will be fun!

My niece Christa got engaged this past week. That is exciting news! Looks like the wedding will be the end of January 2005. We get to meet Rod for the first time the long weekend in September as they are stopping by here for a day. I can hardly wait to meet him. I know he will be a very special guy!

Life is good! God is good! Our neighbour brought over her 2 five-week old puppies – talk about cute! Almost makes you want to keep one – I said Almost! The only trouble is they grow up into BIG dogs! We’ve raised our kids into adulthood so I don’t think we want to start with a dog now!


Still Alive and kicking Wednesday, Aug 4 2004 

It has been a frantic couple of weeks with Tamara home. There is never a shortage of things to do when our girl is home. The time has gone so quickly and I am sad that her and Matt left for Vancouver today. Now I am flying to Vancouver on Thursday, thanks to my daughter, and coming back on Tuesday afternoon, so I get a few more days with both her and Matt.

It was a very special weekend with both Matt and Tamara home. Jerry even had the days off so we had some family time together. You don’t take these times for granted as they don’t happen too often when your children live on the other side of the planet. We ate, played cards, sipped wine, visited with my sister Doris and her husband Lorne, Matt’s friend Brett came over as well, great to connect with him again, and just did what was relaxing and enjoyable.

Last night was washing clothes night as Tamara always washes all her clothes before she heads back and also adding up all the money she spent while here – which was more than she budgeted for but no big deal.

Matt is moving alot of stuff to their new home in Calgary, so chaos is the word for our house right now. Jerry and I don’t do too much messing up when home alone, so it will be clean up time after everyone is gone.

God is good! He is faithful and true! He sticketh closer than a brother!

So off to Langley, BC it is for me! Never anticipated this in my plans for the summer, but I am not complaining! I am learning to appreciate the unexpected!!