My time with Tamara, Benny and little Chela in El Centro was awesome!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the time went so quickly.  We mostly just hung out and I did some planting of shrubs and herbs for Tamara, which was fun.  Hopefully they will grow.  The rest of the time was spent just enjoying Chela at 6 months old…who is so funny and full of energy…laughing and exploring life intensely.  We made a trip to San Diego to see Jerry’s oldest brother and family which was fun, but otherwise we simply enjoyed doing life together…eating, sleeping, visiting with Benny’s family, swimming, walking, shopping, planting, watering…the usual life activities.  Being back in Saskatoon has been difficult to adjust to as the sun has not shone much and the weather is still cold.  We are heading to Phoenix next week to enjoy some warm weather with Dwight and Joanne, and then are heading back to El Centro to spend some time with the kids again.  Matt finished another semester of school; Jesika is back from her Central America traveling; they are doing some treking on the West coast; then back to school for Matt and Jesika heads out to treeplant again.  Retirement is better than I could have ever imagined!  Looking forward to the warmer weather and heading out into my garden again this spring.  Attaching some pictures for you enjoy from my trip to El Centro.